Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2017 as of today
£ 178.360 Million

2017 Investment Counter: How UK data science companies are faring

Rolling coverage of all the investments in British data science and AI companies throughout 2017, the year the UK starts to pull out of the European Union. 



Total: £178.36 million raised as of July 2017


11 July 2017

Cybersecurity company Darktrace has raised £58 million ($75m) in a Series D round led by Insight Venture Partners, and backed by existing investors Summit Partners, KKR, and TenEleven Ventures. Source: Shack15 News


10 July 2017

 SHACK15 resident Sparrho, a platform leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help researchers discover relevant science publications, has raised £2.3 million ($3m) in a pre-Series A round led by White Cloud Capital. Source: Shack15 News


29 June 2017

Oxford AI company Diffblue has raised £16.9 million($22 million ) in a Series A round led by Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments and backed by Oxford Sciences Innovations and Oxford Technology and Innovations Fund. Source: Shack15 News


27 June 2017

AI-driven health information service Your.MD  has raised £7.7 million ($10 million) in new funding round led by Orkla Ventures.   Source: TechCrunch



8 June 2017

London-based startup Trint, a service providing voice-to-text transcription conceived and co-founded by journalist Jeff Kofman has secured £2.3 million ($3.1 million) in a “pre-Series A” round led by Hong Kong-based fund Horizons Labs. Source: Shack15 News



25 May 2017

London-based Mogees, a startup producing a smart microphone that uses machine learning to transform any vibration into original music, has raised £850,000 in seed funding from a group of investors including former Iglo Group CEO Elio Leoni Sceti, and Hotels4U founder Haim Perry. Source: Shack15News


ThingTrax, a London-based start-up operating in the Internet of Things space, has raised £250,000 in Seed in a round led by Technology Venture Capital Investments and backed by AI Seed Fund and FOMCAP. Source: Shack15News



16 May 2017

London-based AI startup Vivacity Labs has secured a £1.6 million funding round from Downing Ventures, Tracsis and the London Co-Investment Fund. Source: Shack15 News


3 May 2017

London-based analytics startup Decibel Insight has secured £7 million in a Series A round led by Eight Road Ventures, and  also backed by Ventureforgood. Source: Shack15 News

27 April 2017

Berkshire-based data science company Exonar has secured £1.25 million in a seed round led by Winton Group and Amadeus Capital, and backed by private angels. Source: Shack15 News

25 April 2017

London-based startup Babylon Health, an AI-powered healthcare app that offers virtual medical consultations, has secured £46.7 million ($60 million) in funding from a number of undisclosed investors. Source: Shack15 News

10 April 2017

Tenzo, an app using data analysis and machine learning to help restaurateurs run their business efficiently, has raised a £600,000 Seed round backed by Acequia Capital and Force Over Mass, alongside angels Charlie Songhurst, Michael Orland and Getti Restaurants. Source: Shack15 News

5 April 2017

 London-based startup CheckRecipient,  which uses machine learning to solve the problem of misaddressed emails, has secured £2.1 million in a Series A round led by Accel and LocalGlobe, and backed by Winton Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners and Crane.  Source: EU-Startups

29 March 2017

Gloucestershire-based data analytics startup Ripjar has raised £3.75 million in follow-up funding from Winston Venture— the VC chapter of data-science-driven investor group Winton. The startup had previously raised an undisclosed sum from Winton in May 2016, plus £15,000 in Seed funding in 2015. Source: Yahoo! Finance

3 March 2017

LoopMe, a London-based digital advertising startup powered by Artificial Intelligence, has raised further £8.1 million in a Series A Round led by Impulse VC and Harbert European Growth Capital. Other backers included Holzbrinck Ventures and Open Ocean Capital. Source: Shack15 News

25 January 2017

– AI-powered financial advisor Cleo has raised about £560,000 from a group of angel investors, including Skype’s Niklas Zennström and Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman. Other backers include Errol Damelin, Jason Goodman, Siraj Khaliq, Simon Franks and Wendy and Joe White. Source: Shack15 News



13 January 2017

– Cambridge-based data analytics provider Crowdsurfer raised a £1 million Seed Round from Mustard Seed, Peter Sands, Mike Rees and Brendan Bradley. Source: EU-Startups

12 January 2017

– Starship Technologies, the London-based startup that is creating a fleet of autonomous six-wheeler robots for home deliveries, closed a £14 million Seed round. The round was led by German carmaker Daimler AG, and backed by Shasta Ventures, Matrix Partners, ZX Ventures, Morpheus Ventures, Grishin Robotics, Playfair Capital and HOF Capital, among many others.
Source: Shack15 News



(via Starship Technologies)


– London-based Artificial Intelligence startup Cytora secured £2.4 million in a Series A round led by Parkwalk, and backed by Cambridge Enterprise, iLexIR , and a consortium of angel investors. Founded in 2013 by Andrzej Czapiewski, Aeneas Wiener, Richard Hartley, and Joshua Wallace, the company uses machine learning algorithms to scan the web in real time and detect trends about geopolitical risks that can be useful for insurance companies and financial entities. 
Source: Shack15 News


5 January 2017

– London-based startup Lobster, an AI-powered search engine for user-generated visual content, closed a £1 million Series A round. Investors include Moscow-based coworking space KL10CH, Russian entrepreneur Nikolay Katorzhnov, plus other unknown angels. Source: TechCrunch.


(via Lobster— screenshot)


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