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The head of MI6 called for the urgent need of a new era of spying in which artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are deployed to combat rogue states in “perpetual confrontation” with the UK. Speaking to students at the University of St Andrews, Alex Younger described how intelligence agencies are developing a “fourth generation” of […]

A new artificial intelligence program was trained by scientists at The University of Western Australia node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) to identify galaxies in deep space. The AI bot is named ClaRAN, and it scans images taken by radio telescopes. It was previously used to recognise faces on Facebook, but […]

For the first time in history, a robot has given evidence to a Parliamentary select committee on Tuesday, telling attendees that technology will not make humans obsolete in the future. Pepper, the resident robot from Middlesex University, was asked by chairman Robert Halfon to explain the artificial intelligence (AI) Careses project, focusing on independent living and aiming […]

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market is expected to be worth more than $ 191 Billion (roughly £146 Billion) by 2024, with an annual growth of 37%, according to new data from Market Research Agency. The report takes into consideration the major players in the AI scene and global market trends with regards to data from 2015, estimates […]

A new artificial intelligence (AI) developed model can predict risk of death in patients with heart disease better than models created by medical experts, according to a new study from the Francis Crick Institute. The study was published in PLOS One, and it is the result of a collaboration between scientists at the Crick, the […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots will help to shape China’s foreign policy, the South China Morning Post heard yesterday. Built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and inspired by the ability of AI to excel in strategic games, a prototype of this machine is already being used by Chinese policymakers.  The AI robot would be able […]

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are key drivers for disruption in many industries and change the way business works from its core. Major industries across different segments are increasingly investing in digital capabilities and not only after IBM Watson, the global players in healthcare are looking for strategies in this segment. This presentation […]

Raspberry Pi and Alphabet have teamed up to bring Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the matchbox-sized computer. Google’s new initiative, called “Artificial Intelligence Yourself” or AIY (a pun referring  to Raspberry Pi’s popularity with DIY enthusiasts) , will add natural language processing features to Raspberry Pi 3, thanks to a “Voice HAT” (Hardware Accessory on Top) add-on, […]

Speaker: Jo-fai Chow Jo-fai (or Joe) is a data scientist at Before joining H2O, he was in the business intelligence team at Virgin Media in UK where he developed data products to enable quick and smart business decisions. He also worked remotely for Domino Data Lab in the US as a data science evangelist […]

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