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The Pentagon has outlined its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, the United States Department of Defense revealed on Tuesday. In the report, the Pentagon explained how they intend to expand their use of AI in warfare, but said they will take care to deploy the technology in accordance with the nation’s values. The plan will […]

United States President Donald Trump will sign an executive order today asking federal government agencies to commit more investment  and resources into artificial intelligence (AI) research and training, a senior administration official said. The executive order goes under the name of “Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence”, and it will call for better reporting and tracking […]

Adrien Coulet, lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and researchers from Stanford University have created an algorithm to predict the need to prescribe a reduced dose of medication for a patient rather than a standard dose. The research, which was published on the scientific journal Nature, is based on an existing automatic learning method called “Random […]

Scientists from the Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS) at Cornell University have developed a deep learning model able to correct location biases in citizen science. The model has been trained on data from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird, which collects more than 100 million bird sightings submitted annually by birdwatchers worldwide. Citizen science is […]

Intel and Alibaba have announced at CES 2019 a partnership on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology for 3D-tracking of athletes during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The partnership will bring together Intel hardware and the Alibaba cloud, allowing coaches to extract biomechanical data during training and competition “without the use of special sensors or suits”, Intel […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the University of Surrey can help in predicting cancer symptoms in individual patients, according to new research published in the PLO One journal. The researchers from the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) who worked on the study, believe it might be the first one of its kind. They created two […]

The head of MI6 called for the urgent need of a new era of spying in which artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are deployed to combat rogue states in “perpetual confrontation” with the UK. Speaking to students at the University of St Andrews, Alex Younger described how intelligence agencies are developing a “fourth generation” of […]

A new artificial intelligence program was trained by scientists at The University of Western Australia node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) to identify galaxies in deep space. The AI bot is named ClaRAN, and it scans images taken by radio telescopes. It was previously used to recognise faces on Facebook, but […]

For the first time in history, a robot has given evidence to a Parliamentary select committee on Tuesday, telling attendees that technology will not make humans obsolete in the future. Pepper, the resident robot from Middlesex University, was asked by chairman Robert Halfon to explain the artificial intelligence (AI) Careses project, focusing on independent living and aiming […]

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market is expected to be worth more than $ 191 Billion (roughly £146 Billion) by 2024, with an annual growth of 37%, according to new data from Market Research Agency. The report takes into consideration the major players in the AI scene and global market trends with regards to data from 2015, estimates […]

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