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AI Titan Andrew Ng Launches $150M Venture Fund


Andrew Ng has launched a $150 million VC fund to invest in AI (via

Google Brain founder Andrew Ng— who in March left the position of Chief data scientists at Chinese web giant Baidu— is working on a $150 million (£116 million) venture capital fund.

The news, spotted by PEHub, suggests that machine learning leading light Ng—who also co-founded online educational platform Coursera, where he is currently offering deep learning e-classes— is planning to pour some real money into Artificial Intelligence projects.

According to TechCrunch, Ng is a fervent AI evangelist hell-bent on spearheading a more AI-fuelled society.

While the competition in the field is fierce—with giants like Google, Microsoft, and Toyota all setting their sights on AI startups through specific funds and incubator programmes— UK-born Ng’s personal prestige and thick contacts book will likely give him a leg-up when it comes to spotting and snapping up talented founders and AI researchers.


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