Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2017 as of today
£ 280.765 Million

Yahoo! is not exactly going through a great period, what with the Verizon paltry buyout and the massive data hack, but it is still hell-bent on helping you spot bawdy images. Yahoo! engineering team have just open-sourced a system using convolutional neural networks (CNN) to detect “Not Suitable for Work” (NSFW) images. While, on the Internet, […]


This time last summer, I was immersed in the world of life science and healthcare startups, and the term ‘precision medicine’ was on everyone’s mind, though not so much AI, machine learning, or deep learning. The meteoric rise of the CRISPR gene-editing technology, which allowed researchers to carry out complex genetic experiments at an unprecedented […]

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 13.54.08

It is not easy to define Marcin Ignac. Born in Poland, Ignac started off his studies earning a BA in computer science, but went on to enrol in art school and specialised in Interaction design. The eventual result is a very peculiar kind of creative— one who transforms data sets into amazing artwork. Since 2012, […]

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