Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2017 as of today
£ 343.535 Million

Google DeepMind is teaming up with game developer Blizzard to release a video-game doubling as an Artificial Intelligence testing ground. The London-based AI powerhouse is collaborating with Blizzard to adapt sci-fi game StarCraft II as an environment for AI research. Games and video-games have long been DeepMind’s tools of choices. The organisation started off in the […]


Artificial Intelligence pioneer Jürgen Schmidhuber thinks earthling Artificial Intelligence is bound to conquer the Milky Way after building millions of autonomous factories in our solar system. Speaking at the WIRED 2016 event in London, the German computer scientist behind recurrent neural networks said smart machines will push us aside and go on independently to reclaim their role as […]


Cathy O’Neill knows data science too well to trust it blindly. A former data cruncher in a Wall Street hedge fund, O’Neill witnessed firsthand how data-based models  were harnessed to put up opaque trading schemes that contributed to setting off a financial catastrophe. More recently, as an academic and blogger, she has been observing how almighty algorithms— fuelled by the […]


The movies Netflix recommends, the advertisement we are shown after a Google search, the random song Spotify plays next. Most of these things are automatically “decided” by algorithms, and we know that. But have you ever stopped to think what is the rationale behind those choices— why Netflix’s algorithm went for Moonrise Kingdom instead of […]

"HAL, could you please explain me why you didn't open the pod bay doors?" (image via

Artificial Intelligence is almost absent from the UK’s public and political debate, despite the technology’s disruptive potential and Britain being one of the leading lights in the AI sector. That emerges from a report on AI published by social enterprise Future Advocacy. The report, titled An Intelligence Future? surveyed Britons’ knowledge and attitude towards AI, and built […]

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