Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

  Chinese face-recognition technology company Megvii has raised £350 million from a group of investors, including Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s Ant Financial and state-backed Chinese funds, Bloomberg reports. Existing investor Foxconn Technology Group—a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that counts Apple among its customers—also partook in the round. The company had already secured backing from the Russia-China Investment fund, […]

Facebook has struck a deal with PayPal, which will allow users to access the payment service directly from Facebook Messenger. Users  will now be able to link their Messenger app to their PayPal account in order to send to and receive money from other users on the platform. The development expands on a previous partnership between the social […]

Artificial Intelligence in banking and finance could result in instability and unexpected muddles, international organisation Financial Stability Board has warned in a new report. Robotic trading— namely,  the increasingly pervasive use of algorithmic decision-making systems by banks, insurers and asset managers — might have some nasty undersides, and be hijacked by hackers and criminals to purposely manipulate market prices, […]

British technology startups secured more venture capital money from Silicon Valley than companies in any other major European countries,  despite a looming Brexit. Over the last five years, according to London& Partners, UK tech companies bagged more Bay Area investment than France, Germany and Ireland combined. In that period, London technology startups raised $2.5 billion (£1.9 billion); the […]

A sinister talking robot is now citizen of Saudi Arabia. Hanson Robotics’ Sophia— an AI-powered android notable for its eerie garrulousness and its intended resemblance to Hollywood  diva Audrey Hepburn— was granted citizenship during the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh. The automaton reportedly spoke on stage to thank the Saudi government for the honour. “I am very […]

  DeepMind has announced that the latest version of its Go-playing artificial intelligence has learnt to excel at the board game without help from humans. Alphabet-owned (but London-based) AI lab DeepMind hit the headlines last year when its programme AlphaGo defeated top-class Go player Lee Sedol; since then , the AI has repeatedly triumphed over some […]

UK charity Privacy International has revealed that British intelligence services are harvesting and storing the personal information of millions of social media users—and sharing it with foreign governments, police forces and companies. The documents obtained by the advocacy group also highlighted that the IPCO — a governmental  body overseeing the actions of intelligence agencies— had not been informed […]

Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen thinks that companies should stop navel-gazing over their lagging internal  data —from last year’s financials, to last quarter’s sales figures— and extend their gaze outside, gathering data with the potential to reveal key information about their competitors, their customers, and the market’s general direction. That is essentially the central thesis of […]

The UK could start taxing social media companies in an effort to crack down on pernicious online content such as cyber-bullying, hate speech and unrestricted access to pornography. Facebook and Twitter might be among the Internet giants on which the government imposes a levy, reportedly in order to raise money for country-wide programmes aimed at countering online […]

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