Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Artificial Intelligence is almost absent from the UK’s public and political debate, despite the technology’s disruptive potential and Britain being one of the leading lights in the AI sector. That emerges from a report on AI published by social enterprise Future Advocacy. The report, titled An Intelligence Future? surveyed Britons’ knowledge and attitude towards AI, and built […]

Researchers in Britain and the US have created an Artificial Intelligence able to predict the result of hundreds of cases heard before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR.) The system predicted the right verdict with a 79 percent accuracy, using machine learning and natural language processing. Researchers at UCL and at the universities of Sheffield and Pennsylvania […]

Moneysupermarket is Britain’s largest price comparison website: about 23 million users visit it each month to find the best deals on insurance, loans or broadband services. Given the sheer size of its database, it is unsurprising that MoneySuperMarket takes data science seriously— boasting a 15-person data team including data experts, statisticians, insight analysts and CRM […]

Microsoft has developed a technology that is as good as a person at recognising  words in an oral conversation. The breakthrough was detailed in a paper published on Monday by  Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research team. In the study, the researchers explain how recent improvements  have brought down the system’s overall amount of mistakes— word error rate […]

Researchers in Japan have built a humanoid robot that sweats to cool down. A team from the University of Tokyo unveiled  Kengoro— a  1.7-metre tall, 57-kg robot able to do push-ups thanks to a complex system of motors. Since its compact structure had no room for usual cooling systems —such as cooling coils or fans— the scientists decided […]

A team of researchers from Oxford University have developed a platform that uses classic shooter Doom to train computer vision algorithms. The project, called ResearchDoom, records a wealth of metadata from gaming sessions, including annotated images of various 3D objects featured in  the game. According to a paper describing the initiative, the data can then be […]

Mercedes-Benz has taken an uncommonly clear-cut stance on self-driving car ethics, stating that autonomous vehicles should always try to save their occupants over pedestrians. The German carmaker came out in favour of preserving the life of who is inside the car at the Paris auto show, last week“If you know you can save at least one […]

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