Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

The UK’s security services broke human rights law when the GCHQ intelligence agency carried out the mass snooping operation exposed by Edward Snowden, Europe’s top court ruled yesterday. For five long years, governments have denied that global mass surveillance violates of your rights. And for five long years, we have chased them through the doors […]

The CyLon accelerator has announced the nine cybersecurity start-ups participating in its eighth London programme, a post on the company’s Medium revealed on Monday. CyLon finds is one of world-leading accelerator programmes, and it focuses on emerging cyber businesses. Since its launch in April 2015, CyLon has already successfully accelerated 59 companies across hubs in […]

Fei-Fei Li will be replaced at the end of the year as head of Google Cloud AI by Andrew Moore, Google announced on Monday. Li, a well-known expert in artificial intelligence, will return to her position as head of Stanford University’s AI department by the end of the year. In the blog post where the […]

A new machine learning program discovered radio bursts from a mysterious source 3 billion light years from Earth, according to new research from the Berkeley SETI Research Centre at the University of California. The artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is part of Breakthrough Listen, a science-based program developed in 2015 to search for intelligent extra-terrestrial communications […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could become a bigger threat to human life than terrorism and climate change, the president of the British Science Association has warned. Jim Al-Khalili, who is also a professor of physics and public engagement at the University of Surrey, spoke of his concerns in London ahead of the British Science Festival in Hull […]

Fourteen tech start-ups have been shortlisted as part of the Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge to develop innovative solutions to tackle the capital’s most pressing social and environmental issues. The initiative was launched in June as part of London’s smart city initiative, and it will eventually award seven of these start-ups a grant of […]

A new artificial intelligence (AI) developed model can predict risk of death in patients with heart disease better than models created by medical experts, according to a new study from the Francis Crick Institute. The study was published in PLOS One, and it is the result of a collaboration between scientists at the Crick, the […]

At least 80,000 British paedophiles are estimated to pose a sexual threat to children online, Home Secretary Sajid Javid will reveal today. The announcement is part of a new government push, and is based on figures from the National Crime Agency (NCA). It comes after the allegation by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt last week that […]

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Tencent will contribute to two open-source projects focused on machine and deep learning advances, The Linux Foundation announced earlier this week. The collaboration aims at the long-term goal of making AI technologies easier to use while improving cloud services using deep learning technologies. Tencent’s Angel Project is built on a […]

Apple has acquired contact lens and augmented reality (AR) glasses start-up Akonia Holographics, the company confirmed to Reuters on Wednesday. The iPhone maker confirmed the acquisition, but they refused to disclose any further details. “Apple buys smaller companies from time to time,” they said in a statement, “and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans.” The […]

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