Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Alphabet-owned driverless mobility company Waymo has struck a deal with British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover, which will provide the company with up to 20,000 electric cars for its newly-launched self-driving cab service. Announced at the New York motor show, the deal (estimated value £1.3 billion) is only the latest step Waymo has taken to up its […]

London-based Venture Capital firm Seraphim Capital is  launching Britain’s first Space Technology accelerator. The new accelerator programme enjoys the backing of the UK and European space agencies, and large companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Surrey Satellite Technology, SES and Telespazio. The programme will try to help space startups with fundraising and creating partnerships with industry leaders. The […]

French President Emanuel Macron revealed his new Artificial Intelligence strategy in a talk at the Paris-based Collège de France research institute on Thursday. Macron said that he did not want France to “miss the AI train” and that he aimed at competing in AI tech with world leaders United States and China. “AI is a technological, […]

The state of Arizona has suspended Uber’s trialling of driverless vehicles, following a crash in which one of the ride-hailing service’s self-driving vehicles killed a pedestrian in the technology’s first deadly accident. Last week, 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg was killed in the city of Tempe; the impact happened when emergency human driver Rafaela Vasquez was looking down. Uber had […]

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has refused to appear before the UK’s Parliamentary Committee for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, which is investigating the use and misuse of social media information in the wake of media revelations. analytica The committee reached out to Zuckerberg on March 20, after The Observer, Channel4 and The New York […]

Following its Berlin expansion a few months ago, Entrepreneur First —the London-headquartered fund-cum-startup-factory— is launching its programme in Hong Kong. The new office will reportedly be helmed by former Googler and Airbnb executive Lavina Tien. EF’s  Hong Kong programme is slated to start in July. Like Berlin’s programme, it will last for only three months— unlike […]

Ride-hailing company Uber has been in discussion with Japanese carmaker Toyota over the possibility of installing its self-driving technology in Toyota’s cars, according to a Reuters’ report quoting Japanese newspaper Nikkei. According to undisclosed sources, the two companies would be interested in cutting a deal that would allow Toyota to install the Silicon valley’s company driverless […]

  Crowd-intelligence platform Streetbees has secured £8.6 million in a Series A funding round led by British Venture Capital firm Atomico. The round was also backed by Streetbees’s  previous investors LocalGlobe, Octopus and BGF Ventures. The London-based company uses mobile geolocation and social media to collect feedback and trends about brands and businesses from a crowd of users (“bees”) the […]

Britain’s data protection authority has found that WhatsApp would have committed an offence by sharing its users’ data with patent company Facebook. The messaging service had been first warned against continuing to share user information with Facebook in November 2016, when the  Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) officially expressed concern; a formal investigation had started earlier that […]

Google has created an Artificial Intelligence-powered music synthesiser able to come up with entirely new sounds. The tech giant unveiled a new tool—or “open source experimental [musical] instrument”— developed by Google’s art-focused unit Magenta. Already in 2017, Google had unveiled the NSynth, a machine learning algorithm that, according to the company’s blog “uses deep neural networks to learn […]

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