Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Britain announced new regulation to speed up the adoption of driverless cars by 2021. Following  last year’s budget— in which driverless vehicles were listed together with AI  among the strategic tech sectors the UK planned to foster with new funds— the UK government is now conducting a three-year law review aimed to “pave the way for […]

Uber’s self-driving trucks have started operating,  as the ride-hailing company launches its new freight-delivery app. The trucks have been deployed in Arizona, one of America’s most driverless vehicle-friendly states, where several companies—including Uber itself— have been testing their self-driving cars for months. Uber’s trucks are working on a “transfer hub” model: human drivers are actually steering […]

A robot has been hired to work as a burger-flipper in a California restaurant. California-based Miso Robotics first hit the headlines last year, after unveiling its virtuoso robot-chef Flippy; now, the automaton has been recruited by global fast-food chain Caliburger, and it started working alongside the human crew in a restaurant in Pasadena. Caliburger has reportedly struck a deal for 50 AI-powered […]

The European Commission demanded that social media platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter remove offensive and incendiary content from their pages within one hour, or face penalties. The EU executive branch released a new set of recommendations on Thursday, stating that web companies must take action to delete terrorist propaganda, hate speech, child pornography […]

Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car subsidiary, has filed a patent for a technology that would prevent people from getting motion-sick in driverless vehicles. Published last week, the patent application shows a complex method that would allow passengers to choose a route among a gamut of options varying in speed and “motion sickness value”—  depending on their proneness to sickness and […]

A brain trust of technology and security experts from Cambridge, Oxford, and non-profit research institute OpenAI among others, has published a new report sketching out how artificial intelligence techniques already available now or in the near future could be used by criminals, terrorist groups and rogue actors to inflict great damage. The nightmare scenarios outlined in the 101-page document deal with the political, […]

China overtook the US as the world’s first destination for money invested  in Artificial Intelligence, according to a CB Insight report. In 2017, China secured 48 percent of the $15.2 billion (£10.9 billion) equity deals going to AI startups worldwide, while the United States only raked in 38 percent. Although Washington boasts a higher number […]

Alphabet’s life sciences subsidiary Verily has developed a system that harnesses machine learning to predict a person’s risk of heart disease— simply by looking at their eyes. Just by processing scans of the back  of a patient’s eye, the software can accurately glean information about that person’s age, blood pressure and smoking habits, which can […]

London’s transport authority has released new guidelines for ride-hailing services, emphasising the importance of safety, working conditions and personal data protection. Transport for London (TfL) published the new policy statement, roughly six months after it denied Uber the license to operate in the city. The document shows that, whatever the fate of Uber — which has […]

Websites across Britain have been commandeered by hackers and used to mine cryptocurrency, a security expert discovered. The websites under attack, which included those belonging to the NHS and to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), were among over 4,000 “cryptojacked” websites all around the globe, as revealed by cybersecurity researcher  Scott Helme; they were subsequently taken down […]

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