Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

The British government has contracted London-based company ASI Data Science to build an AI-powered tool able to spot and block Isis propaganda online. The government suggested that— since the technology now exists— Internet platforms might  be forced by law to adopt the new anti-extremism feature in the future. While larger companies such as Alphabet-owned Google (which […]

British chipmaker ARM has announced the creation of its first machine-learning-specific processors, geared towards mobile handsets and smart home devices. The Cambridge-based company— which designed some of processors used in the near totality  of today’s smartphones— said that it is currently sharing designs for new AI-focused chips with its hardware partners, Qualcomm among them. The […]

  Tesla is at it again: after promising that one of its cars would complete a coast-to-coast journey across the US in fully autonomous drive mode by the end of 2017— and not making it— now CEO Elon Musk says that such a trip will definitely happen within three to six months from now. Musk was asked for updates […]

Nesta has chosen four UK cities as testing grounds for drone tinkerers eager on testing new devices and figuring out how drones could bring value to business. London, Preston, Bradford, and Southampton, besides the West Midlands, have been picked as testing areas for the technology charity’s Flying High challenge, which aims to “explore the public attitudes, environmental impact, logistics and […]

Self-driving cars are with us: Waymo and Uber are involved in a very nasty courtroom battle over the alleged theft of self-driving tech trade secrets, just as Alphabet-owned Waymo prepares to launch a driverless cab service in Arizona. This is not a drill anymore— unmanned vehicles are a near-reality. Does that mean we are all going to buy our […]

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is launching a new programme to understand human intelligence and develop better AI. Called the MIT Intelligence Quest, or MIT IQ, the effort will involve hundreds of researchers and aims at raising hundreds of millions of dollars from both the public and the private sectors. MIT IQ programme will try […]

A group of carmakers are partnering with British institutions to make a self-driving car tour the UK in a challenging 320-km trip, which will include countryside roads and high-speed roundabouts. Christened the HumanDrive project, the effort will start with human drivers undertaking  the trip on driving simulators , in which they will meet a vast gamut of different […]

FCA has announced that it will provide Alphabet’s self-driving subsidiary Waymo with thousands of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans  ahead of the launch of Waymo’s self-driving cab service in Arizona. American-Italian car giant had already sold Waymo 100 minivans  in mid-2016, and an additional 500 in 2017. The 600 FCA vans are currently being tested in Atlanta, San Francisco, […]

Tesla’s driver assist system autopilot was again under the spotlight after a Model S electric car allegedly using the feature crashed into a fire engine in California on Tuesday. The crash was reported by the fire department in Culver City, near Los Angeles. The Tesla was allegedly travelling at 105 kmph on the Interstate 405 motorway, […]

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