Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

A new study by artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Primer has revealed that over 40,000 prominent scientists aren’t featured on Wikipedia, with most of them being women. Conducted in order to demonstrate Primer’s proficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP), the machine learning program behind the research analysed 30,000 English Wikipedia articles about scientists, their Wikidata entries, and over 3 […]

Intel sold $1 billion (roughly £775 million) of artificial intelligence (AI) processor chips in 2017, the company announced on Wednesday. Since PC sales have declined steadily in the last six years globally, the company has turned a substantial part of its sales efforts to data centres, which provide computing power for mobile and web-based apps. […]

Samsung has announced its plan to invest $22 billion (roughly £17 billion) in artificial intelligence (AI), auto components and other future businesses in the next three years. As part of their overall $160 billion (roughly £124 billion) plan, the South Korean tech giant said they will increase the number of researchers they had across its global AI centres in the UK, Canada, […]

Indians are contributing enormously to the global AI (artificial intelligence) ecosystem, said Google’s Fei-Fei Li at the Cloud Next 2018 conference in San Francisco last week. Speaking to the ET tech, the chief research scientist at Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning said that “Indian students globally are contributing a lot to AI and some of […]

Kevin Jenkins, former managing director of Visa has joined the board of London-based blockchain payments and identity brand Nuggets. Nuggets’ reputation increased globally last month, when they signed up a partnership with QFPay, the Chinese payment provider used by tech giants Alipay and WeChat. In China, QFPay managed more than 500 million mobile payment transactions. Under the new […]

The social-media giant announced yesterday it removed 32 pages and accounts from its main Facebook service and Instagram after noticing “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”. The move comes in order to prevent meddling in the upcoming US mid-term elections in November, and it has been reported that the removed accounts could be linked to the Internet Research Agency […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots will help to shape China’s foreign policy, the South China Morning Post heard yesterday. Built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and inspired by the ability of AI to excel in strategic games, a prototype of this machine is already being used by Chinese policymakers.  The AI robot would be able […]

Investments in AI, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) technology are set to reach $232 billion (roughly £176 billion) by 2025, a new report from KPMG has shown. The study suggests that, although AI technologies currently account for $12.4 billion (around £9.40 billion) of global investment, this number will skyrocket in the next three […]

Alphabet’ s self-driving division Waymo is going  to buy 62,000 minivans from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for its driverless fleet. According to the Wall Street Journal, which quotes undisclosed sources, the value of the deal could add up to over $2 billion. The move has been construed as the first step Fiat and Waymo are […]

The UK government has announced new provisional laws for drone operators, coming into force at the end of July, establishing new limitations to how they can use their aircraft— a maximum of 121 metres in height— and forbidding drones from being flown within one kilometre of an airport. Another rule requires that owners of drones weighing […]

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