Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Tech City UK’s Future Fifty  is open for applications. The quango in charge of fostering the UK’s digital innovation sector is on the lookout for promising startups to join in the programme. The initiative will support fifty growth-stage trailblazing companies, by providing access to government officials, helping with promotion, and offering unique workshops and networking opportunities. Candidates […]

One day in 2014, James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani— two medical students at the University of Leeds— realised that students were taught what to learn (figures, theories, skills…) but not how to learn. When preparing for an exam, most students would wait until the last moment to start reading through notes and flashcards in a […]

Most of the times we go to see the doctor, we  do not really need to. Only in the UK, up to 90 percent of GP consultations are due to minor ailments, most of them treatable with self-care. This takes precious time away from hard-pressed practitioners, but you can hardly blame patients for turning to experts […]

After cabs and food, Uber is taking on trucks. The ride-hailing powerhouse has announced a new marketplace for freighting, which will allow shippers and trucking companies to get in touch directly. The service, expected to launch in early 2017, is a bid to change the somewhat byzantine way trucking works today. Right now, carriers (that is: truckers) […]

Online education platform Udacity teamed up with IBM  to launch an online degree programme in Artificial Intelligence. The “Nanodegree” was announced this morning on the companies’ websites. The 13-week course will open in early 2017 and it will give students a full rundown on AI’s hottest realms: from gaming, to computer vision, probabilistic inference, cognitive […]

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