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Citymapper Is Going to Launch its Own Bus in London


London-based transport planning app Citymapper has been authorised to launch its own night bus in East London, Business Insider reveals.

The city’s transport authority TfL has green-lighted  Citymapper’s request to run a bus route between Aldgate East and Highbury & Islington. The—green—bus will stop at Highbury & Islington Station, Dalston Junction, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch High Street, and Aldgate East Station.

A previous application for a different route, in the Waterloo and Blackfriars area, has been rejected according to a FOI request published online, on the grounds that the zone was already well-served.

Business Insider said that there are no details yet regarding the bus’s official launch date, although Citymapper’s previous announcement about a July 12 debut—a deadline which clearly has not been met—might suggest that Londoners will be able to use the service sooner rather than later.

Citymapper’s vehicle is roughly similar to a regular London single-decker , except for the colour, the presence of charging stations, and screens showing the route. A smaller model will also be deployed.


The buses were already showcased during a two-day-blitz on the original—and later TfL-kiboshed— Waterloo-Blackfriars route in May, free of charge.

Citymapper, easily the most popular app for metropolitan travel-planning, has written on its blog that the bussed will run a software suite to allow for more effective scheduling and real-time responsiveness to congestion and other circumstances.

“We built software for everything, including realtime operational control to driver management to scheduling systems. We’re reinventing how to think about all of these in the realtime world,” the company explained in its blog post.  “In the era of smartphones we can have responsive buses that react to realtime needs.”

Images via Citymapper


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