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Google and Walmart Launch Alliance to Take on Amazon

In June, Amazon announced its acquisition of supermarket chain Whole Foods. Now, Amazon’s tech rival Alphabet is teaming up with Whole Foods’ competitor Walmart in order to dent Amazon’s online shopping empire.

Alphabet’s subsidiary Google has announced in a blogpost that its users will now be able to buy Walmart products through Google’s shopping app Google Express, or via Google’s voice-activated assistant powering smart speaker Google Home and Android smartphones. This is the first time Walmart has made its products available for purchase on a third-party platform.

“We’re entering an exciting partnership with Walmart to bring you hundreds of thousands of products at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices—everything from laundry detergent to Legos—that you can buy through voice with your Assistant on Google Home or on the Google Express website or app,” the company’s blog read.

“If you’re an existing Walmart customer, you can choose to link your Walmart account to Google and receive personalized shopping results based on your online and in-store Walmart purchases.”

In other words, users will be able to reorder their favourite products via voice command, and they will also receive tailored suggestions depending on their past preferences.

Google Express will also offer free home delivery—as Amazon Prime does— given that a purchase exceeds a minimum threshold.

It is unlikely that the Google-Walmart alliance will be able to seriously trouble Amazon—which is still by far the go-to e-commerce place and is ahead in the smart speaker race, thanks to ultra-popular Amazon Echo.

Nonetheless, the duo might succeed in landing a decent second place, and carving out some room for themselves in an Amazon-dominated online shopping sector.


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