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Google Launches Studio Programme for AI and Machine Learning Companies

Google has announced Developers Launchpad Studio, a new six-month programme to foster and support Artificial Intelligence and machine learning companies.

Startups, from early to post-Series B stage, can apply by August 31, by submitting a 15-page pitch.

Companies  accepted into the programme will receive assistance with product development and validation, networking opportunities with AI investment big shots, and mentoring from Google top researchers Peter Norvig and Yossi Matias— plus $50,000 (£38,000) in equity-free financial support.

The Studio will also provide much-coveted access to an “AI toolkit”—which includes “datasets, testing environments, rapid prototyping, simulation tools, and architecture troubleshooting.”

Google’s Studio will be based in San Francisco, in the offices of Launchpad Accelerator, a six-month programme for mobile product developers which  Google launched four years ago.

VentureBeat reports that additional offices will be launched in Singapore, Bangalore, London, and Toronto.

Google’s Global Lead for Accelerator efforts Roy Geva Glasberg commented on the launch for TechCrunch:“Launchpad, to date, operates in 40 countries around the world,” he said .

“We have worked with over 10,000 startups and trained over 2,000 mentors globally.”

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