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Google’s AutoDraw Transforms Shoddy Doodles into Good Illustrations

Alphabet is already helping us translate words, work out directions and spot spelling mistakes —besides, obviously, find answers. What’s next? Apparently, transforming our horrible doodles into decent images.

Google developers have just unveiled their latest feat, called AutoDraw. The system relies on Artificial Intelligence to make drawing simple: users can jot down their sketches on blank slates, and the AI constantly analyses and tries to recognise what the picture is about, even providing better-drawn suggestions in real-time.

It seems to work fairly well: Shack15’s clumsy attempt at an elephant was promptly spotted by the system, and later replaced with a more aesthetically feasible version, drawn by a professional artist.


Image via AutoDraw


Image via AutoDraw

On the other hand, a later drawing, intended to depict a platypus, was not recognised, and construed instead as a lobster, a sofa or a sausage dog —in this order.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.27.00

Image via AutoDraw


All in all, though, AutoDraw— whose computer vision backbone has been trained on thousands of pictures and artist drawings— is reliable and  usable.

As Alphabet itself hints in its launch video, this could  become the go-to tool to create illustrated material on the go—whether it be for invitations, fliers or presentations. As long as you do not need to draw a platypus, you will be fine.


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