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Hermes Teams Up with Starship for Autonomous Delivery in London

Delivery company Hermes has launched a partnership with self-driving buggies startup Starship Technologies to start delivering goods in London.

The friendly-looking robots, able to autonomously navigate and deliver up to 10 kg of groceries, are already scurrying around on the pavements of Southwark, a borough in the British capital’s south.

The test follows a previous trial Hermes and Starship carried out in Germany last year— when three smart carts were unleashed on the roads of Hamburg.

Terrestrial robots like Starship’s are often touted as a safer route to autonomous delivery, given that the most popular alternative— i.e. autonomous parcel-dropping drones —is likely to be hobbled by regulatory hurdles and aviation restrictions..

Hermes is planning to use the current test in London to better understand how Starship’s robots could help it ramp up its on-demand delivery services.

Hermes CEO Carole Woodhead said in a statement,“Starship Technologies is a highly innovative and pioneering firm.We are extremely pleased to utilise their expertise to explore exciting new ways that will further strengthen our portfolio of services and offer greater choice and convenience for customers.”

“We can already see first-hand the success they’ve had with food deliveries in London, and we are excited to team up with them in a bid to revolutionise the home delivery marketplace,” she added.

Image via Starship Technologies


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