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IBM and Udacity Team Up for AI Online “Degree”


IBM Watson helped develop the curriculum for Udacity’s AI “Nanodegree”

Online education platform Udacity teamed up with IBM  to launch an online degree programme in Artificial Intelligence.

The “Nanodegree” was announced this morning on the companies’ websites. The 13-week course will open in early 2017 and it will give students a full rundown on AI’s hottest realms: from gaming, to computer vision, probabilistic inference, cognitive systems and natural language processing. Online students will need to attend two terms to obtain the final degree, with each term being  priced at $800.

Udacity’s founder Sebastian Thrun commented in a statement: “This is truly a global effort, with global potential. We believe AI will serve everyone best if it’s built by a diverse range of people.”

It is understood that Udacity partnered with IBM’s AI arm Watson to put together the course’s curriculum. Other key partnerships were formed with Amazon’s virtual assistant unit Alexa, and with Didi Chuxing— the so-called “Chinese Uber.”

This is not Udacity’s  first foray in the AI  field. A more specific Nanodegree focused on learning the ropes of self-driving cars was launched in January, and the course even ended up triggering an  initiative to build an open-source autonomous vehicle.



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