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London-based Flourish Launches New Dataviz Platform

A London-based startup has launched an online platform to allow companies, media outlets and common users to transform data into visual stories.

The company, called Flourish, has already secured £800,000 ($1 million) in funding from British VC firm LocalGlobe and US’s Founder Collective.

Flourish was founded in March 2016 by former data journalist Duncan Clark and computer scientist Robin Huston, and was later accepted in Brent Hoberman’s Founders Factory—a London-based accelerator running a media startup programme in partnership with the Guardian Media Group.


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 16.38.14

Flourish’s data visualisation of the 2016 US Republican Party’s primaries (full interactive version here)

The company’s new platform enables users to produce high quality data visualisations and interactive graphics through the use of configurable templates— which make the process much easier and cheaper than it usually is. According to TechCrunch, Flourish’s platform will be free to use for publicly visible projects, while private projects and other ad-hoc services will be for pay.

“Almost all organisations struggle with visualising and presenting data. The tools available are limited and often hard to use, while creating things bespoke is difficult, time consuming and expensive,” cofounder Duncan Clark said in a statement.

“Flourish solves this problem by enabling anyone to combine their data with an ever-growing library of visualisation templates. Organisations can make or commission bespoke templates giving them unlimited flexibility and allowing them to tap the huge talent of the world’s data visualisation developer community,” he added.

LocalGlobe general partner Saul Klein commented on the recent investment: “Duncan and Robin have unique experience helping companies like Fannie Mae, Google and The Guardian solve these problems in a way that is not just beautiful and interactive but most importantly allows them to tell a story,” he said.

“We think the power and simplicity of Flourish has huge potential and we’re thrilled to lead their seed round alongside our good friends at Founder Collective.”

Image via Flourish (screenshot) 


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