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London-based Genus AI Raises £750k in Seed Round

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London-based Genus AI is working on Artificial Emotional Intelligence (screenshot)

London-based Artificial Intelligence startup Genus AI has raised £750,000 in a Seed funding round led by early-stage investment fund Picus Capital.

The round was also backed by Angelist’s Andy Chung; Charlie Songhurst, who had previously invested in identity verification company Onfido; and Matt Robinson, who launched GoCardless and Nested.

Tadas Jucikas, Brent Clickard, and Tobias Kloepper founded the company in May 2016. Their aim was combining machine learning with neuroscience, psychology and behavioural science, in order to allow customers to communicate with companies, brands, and governmental organisations in a more emotionally intelligent way.

“There are over 7.4 billion people on the planet and no two individuals are the same. Yet, companies, governments, [and] campaigns still group people by demographics such as race, gender, age,” the company website reads.

“Looking at [data] through the lens of human behaviour and psychology can unlock answers to questions we’ve previously thought impossible. We combine the knowledge from the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology and machine learning into our platform, which helps us inform and have a positive impact on the real world.”

The company is now set to invest the fresh round of cash to expand its technology team in London, and scale up its sales unit in the US— where most of its customers are based.

“We believe in using technology to understand people and the world around us. Despite increasing amount of data and computing power organisations are still struggling to engage with customers in an authentic way,” company CEO and cofounder Tadas Jucikas said in a statement

“Our technology has been in development with our customers for almost two years and I am extremely excited to welcome our new investors to help us bring Genus AI to the next level of growth,” Jucikas added.


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