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London-based Popsa Raises £3M to Up its AI Game

Soho-based startup Popsa has secured £2.2 million in a round led by  Pembroke Venture Capital Trust, plus a separate round of £800,000 from VC firm 500 Startups and advertising bigshot Sir John Hegarty.

Founded in 2016 by current CEO Liam Houghton and co-founder Tom Cohen, the company wants to disrupt the photobook industry— and turf out companies such as Moonpig, Snapfish and Photobox— by leveraging AI.

Customers can submit their favourite pictures in large batches, and Popsa’s machine learning algorithm —dubbed “printAI”—will select the best  layout choice for them based on “location, orientation and facial detection”. The company will then print a physical photo album.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, company CEO Houghton commented on the round.=: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to change what is a very manual industry through automation. You can make a photo book but it will probably take you a few hours and you have to manually put the photos into place. We’re getting rid of all that and using technology to generate those things automatically,” he said.

“It’s your best photo and memories automatically curated and made into products you can buy.”

The 11-people company claims to have witnessed a 60 percent spike in its sales over the last year. It is understood that the fresh injection of cash will be invested in further developing Popsa’s Artificial Intelligence technology, and expanding the company’s product offerings .

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