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Seraphim Launches Space Accelerator in London


Seraphim’s programme will try to help space startups with fundraising and get partnerships with industry leaders.

London-based Venture Capital firm Seraphim Capital is  launching Britain’s first Space Technology accelerator.

The new accelerator programme enjoys the backing of the UK and European space agencies, and large companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Surrey Satellite Technology, SES and Telespazio.

The programme will try to help space startups with fundraising and creating partnerships with industry leaders.

The nine-week programme will run twice a year, with the first cohort debuting on 8 May 2018, and the second one starting in September. Each cohort will comprise six startups; the programme will focus on harnessing the opportunities of satellite data and other satellite-led businesses, and working out innovative ways to create value for sectors like transportation, agriculture and urban planning.

Seraphim Capital CEO Mark Boggett commented on the launch in a statement: “Space is a $350bn industry that underpins many elements of our everyday lives. $2.5bn was invested in SpaceTech startups by VCs globally in 2017, but those startups still need greater access to industry-specific advice and support,” he said.

“We’re turning the accelerator concept on its head: investability is a prerequisite for the startups we invite to be part of Space Camp Accelerator, not the endgame of their involvement as it might be for other programmes. We will connect startups to Seraphim Capital’s network of leading corporate investors and decision-makers, providing them with access to mentors, advisers, and partners to help them achieve tangible outcomes beyond funding – whether that’s working on a proof-of-concept or some other technology integration, or halving the time it takes them to get their technology into orbit,” he added.

The firm had announced a £80 million fund for UK Space Technology companies in late 2016.


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