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Silicon Valley invested over £1 Billion in UK Startups

In 2017, Silicon Valley investment in UK startups surpassed the £1 billion threshold for the first time ever, according to a report by British law firm Penningtons Manches.

According to the report, West Coast investors partook in 74 deals with British tech companies last year— for a combined value of £1.08 billion ; the increase in the number of deals involving Silicon Valley investors has jumped by 252 percent since 2011.

American East Coast investors took part in less deal, but nonetheless have still been pouring more money into the UK than their Western colleagues have: in 2017, East Coasters invested £1.31 billion in UK technology startups.

Most of the British companies (79 %) benefitting from the Silicon Valley bonanza were based in the so-called “Golden Triangle” of  London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Software companies were the ones raking in most money, followed by Life Science startups, hardware companies and medical technology firms.

The report underlined that investment in UK companies has been consistently growing over the last few years, despite growing concerns over the looming Brexit. The effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union, scheduled for 2019,  are still unclear. The report says that the pound devaluation could have had a beneficial effect, but it adds that it depends on whom you ask.

“100% of British companies surveyed who have raised between £100,000 and £500,000 believe currency fluctuations have been beneficial, but only 42% of those raising £1 million – £5 million felt the same,” the report says.

Commenting on the findings, Penningtons Manches partner, James Klein said in a statement: “We are delighted that the findings from the report reveal such appetite from West Coast investors to nurture Britain’s most innovative, high potential firms,” he said. ” We look forward to supporting this continued interest from US investors into the future.”

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