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A Tesla Crashed into a Fire Engine While on Autopilot

Tesla’s driver assist system autopilot was again under the spotlight after a Model S electric car allegedly using the feature crashed into a fire engine in California on Tuesday.

The crash was reported by the fire department in Culver City, near Los Angeles.

The Tesla was allegedly travelling at 105 kmph on the Interstate 405 motorway, when it rammed through the back of a parked fire engine, there to attend another road accident.

The department posted about the crash on their social media, revealing that the Tesla driver said to have been using Autopilot when the crash happened.

The feature— which entrusts the car’s onboard computer with performing certain tasks such as lane keeping assistance—  had already been at the centre of a controversy in 2016, when a driver using Autopilot had died after crashing with a van in Florida.

Luckily, in this case, nobody was harmed. “Amazingly, there were no injuries!,” the department said.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, a General Motors’ Chevy Bolt using a similar self-driving tool was involved in a crash with a motorcycle.

The rider, in this case, received serious injury from the crash and is now reportedly suing GM.


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