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The National Institution for Transforming India  (NITI Aayog) announced today a 7,500 crore (roughly $1b) investment plan for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure in the country. The funding will go towards the setting up of five centres of research excellence (CORE), 20 international centres for transformational AI (ICTAI) and further developments of AIRAWAT, […]

Biomedical engineers from Duke University have created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) automated process that can trace the shapes of active neurons as accurately as human researchers, but much quicker. The software is built on the AI’s ability to interpret video images, tackling a critical roadblock in neuron analysis and allowing researchers to gather and process […]

The European Union has published new ethics guidelines for artificial intelligence (AI) on Monday to prevent it being misused. According to the new report, AI projects should be transparent, have human oversight and secure and reliable algorithms, as well as being subject to privacy and data protection rules. Commenting on the news, the European Commissioner […]

Astronomers at The University of Texas at Austin have used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover two hidden planets more than 1,000 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius.  The new algorithm, developed in partnership with Google, shows potential for identifying many additional planets that traditional methods could not locate. The program sifts through the data taken […]

Stanford University is launching a new institute aiming at studying and developing human-centred artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and applications. The centre will be called the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) and will build on a tradition of leadership in AI at the university. HAI’s mission is to advance AI research, education, policy and practice […]

Cleveland Clinic has opened a new centre to improve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, according to a press release by the Clinic. Launched by Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Analytics, the centre will focus on developing innovative clinical applications of AI and machine-learning technology to improve healthcare areas such as diagnostics, disease prediction and […]

Forty per cent of European start-ups classified as artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups don’t actually use the technology, according to a new study by London’s venture capital firm MMC. The study analysed the activity of about 2,830 AI start-ups in 13 EU countries, reviewing the activities, focus and funding of each company. The results showed that only […]

The brain’s ability to reconstruct facts from clues has been observed using brain scanning and artificial intelligence (AI) by researchers at Aalto University. The method could be used to address the question of why people understand or perceive the same concept differently. ‘The organisation of meanings in the brain differs from person to person and […]

The Pentagon has outlined its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, the United States Department of Defense revealed on Tuesday. In the report, the Pentagon explained how they intend to expand their use of AI in warfare, but said they will take care to deploy the technology in accordance with the nation’s values. The plan will […]

United States President Donald Trump will sign an executive order today asking federal government agencies to commit more investment  and resources into artificial intelligence (AI) research and training, a senior administration official said. The executive order goes under the name of “Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence”, and it will call for better reporting and tracking […]

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