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AI-driven Transcription Service Trint Secures £2.3M

London-based startup Trint, a service providing voice-to-text transcription co-founded by journalist Jeff Kofman, has secured £2.3 million ($3.1 million) in a “pre-Series A” round led by Hong Kong-based fund Horizons Labs.

Belgian investor Lorenz Bogaert, and Netlog founder Toon Coppens also backed the round.

Founded in 2014, Trint uses machine learning and voice recognition to provide a draft transcription of audio files. The user can then certain the transcript’s accuracy through an interface which allows to check each paragraph against the respective audio section.

The name of the company itself— a merge of “transcription” and “interview”— hints at the product’s positioning as a tool for journalists and reporters grappling with with the absolute bane of putting recorded interviews down in writing.

“As someone who has spent thousands of hours of my life transcribing interviews, I know first-hand how Trint will completely transform not just news production but dozens of fields that rely on transcription – from marketing and medicine to academia and law,” said Kofman.

“We are thrilled to have the backing of a stellar group of investors who share our vision for making manual transcription a thing of the past.”

Trint reportedly boasts 7.000 regular users and it has previously received funding from the Knight Enterprise Fund, Google Digital News Initiative, BBC Worldwide Labs and Cisco.

The company plans to use the fresh round of investment to launch a North America office, create a mobile app and further improve the technology.

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