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AI set to boost satellite constellation management

2Operate and GomSpace, together with Aarhus University, are planning to use artificial intelligence (AI) solutions developed for the terrestrial telecom sector to manage future satellite constellations.

To reach this goal, the partners have evaluated 2Operate’s existing AI-based 2Solve product using the GOMX-4 satellite mission by GomSpace and the Delfini-1 mission by Aarhus University.

“It is very exciting for us to see how the lessons learned from the terrestrial telecom sector can boost the uptake of advanced network management solutions for space – and how well our product adapts to the new requirements”, says Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, CEO of 2Operate.

Using AI for satellite constellation management will help to reduce the amount of operator hours required to manage satellite constellations by automating network monitoring and root-cause-analysis tasks. Additionally, the automation of these functions means that network incidents can be resolved much faster thus improving the availability of the satellite services.

After successful trials with the technology, 2Operate and GomSpace have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) to reinforce the companies’ collaboration and to prepare the introduction of the 2Solve AI-capabilities through GomSpace’s Mega-Constellations Operations Platform (MCOP) being introduced by GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg.

“Being able to operate satellite constellations 24/7 with the highest availability is a key capability for GomSpace, and being able to integrate proven solutions reduces both risk and required investments”, says Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace.

2Operate and GomSpace exhibited together at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona last week, demonstrating how the application of the 2Solve product applied to satellite mission management.

Image via 12019 on Pixabay


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