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Alphabet’s Waymo is Now Testing Self-Driving Trucks


Alphabet’s driverless vehicles outfit Waymo is now testing self-driving trucks for freight transportation (image via

After spearheading research on autonomous cars, Alphabet has now started looking into self-driving trucks.

According to BuzzFeed News, Alphabet recent spin-off Waymo is in the process of testing driverless heavy vehicles for freight transportation.

“Self-driving technology can transport people and things much more safely than we do today and reduce the thousands of trucking-related deaths each year,” a Waymo spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

“We’re taking our eight years of experience in building self-driving hardware and software and conducting a technical exploration into how our technology can integrate into a truck,”

The media outlet contacted Waymo after seeing a picture which gave away  the company’s trucking initiative, which had not been previously disclosed.

Alphabet is not the first tech giant jumping on the autonomous trucks’ bandwagon. Cab-hailing juggernaut Uber bought self-driving truck company Otto in August 2016. It then underwent its first 193-km self-driving truck trip in October 2016, transporting beer for brewery Anheuser-Busch .

Otto founder Anthony Levandowski is now enmeshed in a  row between Uber and Waymo itself—with the latter claiming that its erstwhile employee Levandowski stole trade secrets from Alphabet before starting up Otto, and later joining Uber.

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