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AlphaGo to Take on World’s Best Go Player during China Summit

DeepMind’s AI-powered Go player AlphaGo will challenge the world champion of the ancient strategy board game during a summit in China later this year.

Last year, the Google-owned London-based Artificial Intelligence lab made headlines after AlphaGo’s triumphed over professional player Lee Sedol in a five-game Go match.

Now, the AI powerhouse announced a new partnership with China Go Association and the Chinese government that will bring together its virtual champion with the elite of Go-playing during a five-day event in “Chinese Venice” Wuzhen.

The summit, called “Future of Go” will aim at testing and improving DeepMind’s brainchild while offering human players an opportunity to see AlphaGo up close, and even learn from it.

In the initial phases of the summit, in fact, some of the world’s best Go players will face off against each other, except they will be able to team up with AlphaGo— which will choose every other move. Another format will pit DeepMind’s Ai against a five-strong team of human players.

Finally, AlphaGo will challenge Ke Jie—a Chinese Go master regarded as the best player on the face of Earth—in a three-game Go match which is likely to become another milestone for DeepMind’s creature— and for Artificial Intelligence at large.

The event, scheduled for the 23-27 May, will also feature discussions with several Chinese AI experts.

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