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Amazon Will Truck your Data Around


Amazon’s Snowmobile can store up to 100 petabytes of data. (Image via AWS)

Amazon has launched a new service that will allow users to move their data to the cloud —by truck.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the debut of Snowmobile, a massive , sturdy lorry whose semi-trailer can store up to 100 petabytes of data.

The truck would connect directly to a company’s data centres and soak up data at a rate of 40 gigabyte per second. That means that, if one were to use out all the available storing space on the vehicle, it would take less than 10 days to fill it up completely.

Once everything has been transferred, Snowmobile would drive back to mothership—i.e. to an Amazon data centre—  where its cargo would be uploaded to Amazon’s cloud services S3 or Amazon Glacier.

The new service aims at sorting out the predicament of big data companies handling oodles of information—think high-resolution satellite images—that would take too long to upload to the cloud the conventional way.

Obviously, putting one’s entire database on a truck to be freighted around is not exactly a relaxing prospect: things could easily go south, with disaster scenarios ranging from-area tampering to highwayman-style robberies.  That is why Amazon is particularly emphatic about the projects’s security measures —full data encryption with 256-bit encryption keys, GPS tracking, video-surveillance and even an on-demand additional escort vehicle to protect the truck’s precious content.


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