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Apple reveals Core ML 3 with on-device machine learning

Apple has revealed a new machine learning model framework called Core ML 3 at their flagship WWDC 2019 event in San Jose on Monday.

The new framework will come with a dedicated app called Create ML, aimed at allowing iOS developers to bring improved machine learning applications to smartphone apps, and providing for the first time training to design customised experiences in an iOS environment.

With Create ML, developers will be able to build machine learning models without writing code. Powered by Core ML 3, the app will also come with the ability to train several models with diverse data sets for applications like object detection, activity and sound classification.

The new framework, which will support more than 100 model layer types, is used internally at Apple for tasks such as training Siri, improving the QuickType keyboard and language learning for the app Memrise.

Apple said Core ML 3 is a substantial improvement from last year’s Core ML 2, a framework the company called 30% faster than its predecessor Apple released in 2017.

While Google’s ML Kit works for both Android and iOS developers, Core ML is made exclusively for developing apps for Apple’s iOS operating system. 

According to a post on Apple’s blog, the technology behind the new iteration of Core ML will provide developers with “the opportunity to provide personalized features without compromising user privacy.”

Photo via PXhere.


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