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Bitdefender acquires machine learning and security analytics company Redsocks

Cybersecurity company Bitdefender announced its acquisition of behaviour and network security analytics company RedSocks on Wednesday.

The move is part of Bitdefender’s Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy, an investment to expand the company’s portfolio into network security and analytics territory.

Bitdefender technology is already employed in more than 500 million systems in over 150 countries. By combining its global reach with RedSocks’ Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities, the company will be able to provide an even higher level of cybersecurity.

“At Bitdefender, we’re now able to offer our Bitdefender and new RedSocks customers even stronger protection from sophisticated attacks,” said Bitdefender CEO and Founder, Florin Talpes.  “By bringing RedSocks network security analytics and threat intelligence into GravityZone, a complete endpoint prevention, detection and response platform, customers will benefit from a more comprehensive, layered approach to security and deeper visibility into their threat landscape.”

While the RedSocks portfolio will allow more Bitdefender sales opportunities worldwide, the acquisition will also accelerate the company expansion within Europe. Bitdefender has been active in the Netherlands market for more than 12 years. RedSocks office and its staff addition will help the company to increase its business in the Netherlands, and expand further within the Northern European region.

“When we started RedSocks in 2012, our goal was to build solutions that would serve any type of organization and offer them value for the long-term,” said RedSocks founder Pepijn Janssen, “together with Bitdefender, we will now achieve that goal. We are extremely proud to be acknowledged by and part of a visionary, cybersecurity company like Bitdefender.”

The RedSocks deal closed on October 11, 2018, and comes after another M&A last month which created Bitdefender Australia and the Bitdefender direct entry into the APAC market.

“We’re ready to get to work with our new team at RedSocks,” said Florin Talpes, “both teams could not be more excited to collaborate and innovate to bring greater value to our customers and partners.”


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