Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

An NHS Trust has declined to reveal how much it is paying for an ongoing partnership with the Alphabet-owned company DeepMind. The Imperial College Healthcare Trust refused to answer a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request filed by news website Health IT Central regarding the amount of public money the Trust is shelling out to access DeepMind’s […]

Facebook has launched a feature allowing users to search for pictures uploaded on the platform by using keywords—in a way similar to, for instance, Google Images. Rather than relying on tags, file names and related text, though, Facebook image search is built upon its computer vision technology Lumos. In other words, it does not matter whether […]

Apple is planning to gather its users’ iCloud data to improve virtual assistant Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities. Last week, in a disclaimer attached to the iOS 10.3 beta update, the company explained that accessing those data would “allow Apple to improve intelligent features and services such as Siri.” Users that accept the new feature can still deactivate it at any […]

Like Uber—actually, Uber— but for poached eggs. UberEATS— the food delivery app spun off from the cab-hailing service— will start delivering breakfast in London, in a bid to claw market shares from Deliveroo, JustEat and Amazon food delivery, among many others. The service, launched in partnership with restaurants and eateries including PAUL, Coco di Mama, Tossed, Leon, Bagel Factory, […]

Apple is tipped to be finally joining the Partnership on AI— a club of tech giants researching artificial intelligence, launched in September 2016 by Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, and IBM. The group’s stated goals are “to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform […]

Raspberry Pi , the British mini-computer loved by makers and coders worldwide, could soon gain brand new Artificial Intelligence capabilities, courtesy of Google. “Google is going to arrive in style in 2017. The tech titan has exciting plans for the maker community,” Raspberry Pi announced in a blog post on its website. “It intends to make a […]

DeepMind , the London-based Artificial Intelligence lab owned by Alphabet, is  ramping up its engagement with academia as some of its researchers start teaching AI courses in UK universities this month. In a post appeared on DeepMind blog, company co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis announced that—starting in January— research lead Thore Graepel will lead a module called Advanced Topics […]

The US National Highway Traffic Administration has decided against a recall of Tesla Autopilot, following a six-month-long investigation into a fatal car crash involving the technology. In a report, the governmental agency explained that it “did not identify any defects in the design or performance of [Tesla’s automatic emergency braking] or Autopilot systems of the subject vehicles nor […]

Food delivery startup Deliveroo has announced it will open its global head office in London, and create 300 more technology jobs as a consequence. In a statement, the British company founded and led by Will Shu said it is looking for “high-skilled, high-tech” software and hardware engineers to expand its team as it inaugurates a new […]

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