Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Forty-two countries have formally adopted a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) principles established by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). OECD’s 36 member countries have signed up to the principles, together with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Romania. The announcement was made at the Organisation’s 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting on May […]

A study by Google and various US medical centres has shown how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect lung cancer and provide doctors with more accurate computerised tomography (CT) scans readings. The paper with the new findings was published in Nature Medicine on May 20. In it, the researchers compared the results of the AI […]

The National Institution for Transforming India  (NITI Aayog) announced today a 7,500 crore (roughly $1b) investment plan for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure in the country. The funding will go towards the setting up of five centres of research excellence (CORE), 20 international centres for transformational AI (ICTAI) and further developments of AIRAWAT, […]

Cambridge-based artificial intelligence (AI) company has been valued at $100 million after a $24 million funding round by investors including Amadeus Capital and Pearson Plc. The company said the new investment will go towards launching products and moving into new areas such as education. The funding round was led by Chinese tech giant Tencent, with participation […]

The UK government has named experts from industry, academia and data rights organisations to create a new advisory board for artificial intelligence (AI) regulations, a press release on the Gov.UK site revealed today. Ocado and Google DeepMind executives are among the experts appointed to the new board, which will promote AI adoption and ethical use in organisations and businesses […]

Nationwide Building Society announced on Monday it will invest in Scaled Insights, a company that uses behavioural artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse people’s speech. As part of this investment, Scaled Insights which is currently based in Canada will move its headquarters to the Nexus building in Leeds, a facility used to house start-ups owned by […]

Cortex Group will acquire Tesla Water’s water quality monitoring solution, the company announced last weekend. The investment comes after Cape Town-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup Cortex Logic, of which Cortex Group is the holding company, revealed in February they had secured an investment from an undisclosed investor. Cortex Logic made the announcement through a press release last […]

Artificial intelligence could predict death or heart attacks with more than 90 per cent accuracy, a new study has revealed. Presented at the International Conference on Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT 2019 on Sunday, the study showcased the results of an algorithm called LogitBoost. Powered by machine learning, the algorithm analysed 85 different variables from […]

A new report by Visiongain has claimed artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity market is worth $4.94bn. The report is named “Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market Report 2019-2029” and include forecasts by different categories such as component and deployment type, security type, technology, application and industry. According to the new data, the increasing number of […]

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai announced the company is working towards making its artificial intelligence and machine learning models more transparent in order to tackle bias. Writing on Google’s blog in the occasion of the company’s flagship event I/O ’19 on Tuesday, Pichai described a new list of AI improvements and said Google is moving […]

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