Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Forty per cent of European start-ups classified as artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups don’t actually use the technology, according to a new study by London’s venture capital firm MMC. The study analysed the activity of about 2,830 AI start-ups in 13 EU countries, reviewing the activities, focus and funding of each company. The results showed that only […]

Researchers from Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center have utilised machine learning to visually grade tumour patterns and subtypes of lung adenocarcinoma. This classification plays an important role in prognosis and determination of treatment for lung cancer, but is a subjective and challenging task for scientists, given the unpredictability of cancerous cells. The team led by […]

2Operate and GomSpace, together with Aarhus University, are planning to use artificial intelligence (AI) solutions developed for the terrestrial telecom sector to manage future satellite constellations. To reach this goal, the partners have evaluated 2Operate’s existing AI-based 2Solve product using the GOMX-4 satellite mission by GomSpace and the Delfini-1 mission by Aarhus University. “It is very exciting for us […]

Microsoft has revealed its commitment and strategy to increase the growth of China’s startup ecosystem at the Microsoft for Startups Shanghai Innovation Day event today. The tech giant announced it will expand its Microsoft for Startups programme in China to optimise the startup development process by providing additional access to Microsoft resources and technologies. Thanks to this, the […]

Berlin-based real-time communications analysis and training start-up i2x has secured a €10 million funding round led by UVC Partners and btov Partners, with participation from MS&AD Ventures, Asgard, and HV Holtzbrinck Ventures. Founded just one year ago by ex-StudiVZ boss Michael Brehm to improve the quality of sales and service calls, the company currently employs 40 people and […]

The brain’s ability to reconstruct facts from clues has been observed using brain scanning and artificial intelligence (AI) by researchers at Aalto University. The method could be used to address the question of why people understand or perceive the same concept differently. ‘The organisation of meanings in the brain differs from person to person and […]

Machine learning could increase the efficiency of optical telecommunications networks (OTNs), new research has revealed. Together with tech-giant Huawei, a group of researchers from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona have retooled an artificial intelligence technique used for chess and self-driving cars to make OTNs run more efficiently.  The results of the research, which will be presented […]

Scientists from Northwestern University have developed a direct route to optimise spherical nucleic acids (SNAs), bringing them one step closer to becoming a viable treatment option for many forms of cancer, genetic diseases, neurological disorders and more. SNAs are a class of personalised medicines. They are challenging to optimise because their structures can vary in many ways, […]

The leader of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research unit said the company is working on chips for machine learning, but he sounded hopeful that many solutions will come from the chip industry. Talking to ZDNet at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco on Monday, Yann LeCun underlined the need for new kind of processing […]

Berlin-based banking start-up Mambu raised €30 million in its latest funding round backed by US-based Bessemer Venture Partners and others, the company revealed on Monday. The funding will allow Mambu to accelerate its growth and further investments in marketing, products, platform and services. The company also plans on expand its fifty-country presence on all continents, and […]

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