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CEVA opens new research and development centre in Bristol

CEVA, a leading licensor of signal processing platforms and AI processors for connected devices, announced today the opening of a new research and development facility in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The new Research and Development (R&D) centre will enable the company to access the world-class engineering talent the city has to offer, strengthening its R&D capabilities and expediting the development of new digital signal processing and AI products.

It comes after CEVA’s celebration of a significant milestone of 10 billion CEVA-powered devices shipped today.

“We are very pleased to announce this expansion of our R&D efforts with the opening of this new design centre”, Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA said.

“Bristol has one of the strongest talent bases in the U.K. for digital signal processing, with many highly-skilled and experienced engineers. This new team will allow us to better address the growing demand for our portfolio of leading-edge signal processing IPs and reinforces our position as the world’s leading licensor of IP for intelligent, connected devices.”

The new offices are located in the Aztec West Business Park, an area that is home to many semiconductor and technology companies focused on artificial intelligence, communications, robotics and autonomous driving.

CEVA has been pioneering several technologies throughout the years. DSP processing of 2G handsets and DVD players, hard disk drives and audio players are just some of them.

Today, the company’s technology applications include 5G RAN, backhaul and user equipment; computer vision and AI in drones, smartphones, surveillance cameras, automotive image sensors, action and mirrorless cameras and many others.

“Having started out as a small business unit spinout from a semiconductor company, to becoming a global leader in technology IP for 5G, AI, computer vision, sound and connectivity, it has truly been a remarkable journey”, Wertheizer said.

“Each and every one of our employees over the years has contributed to this achievement and we are appreciative of the hard work and dedication they all have put in at CEVA.”


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