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Chinese tech giants to support machine learning projects

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Tencent will contribute to two open-source projects focused on machine and deep learning advances, The Linux Foundation announced earlier this week.

The collaboration aims at the long-term goal of making AI technologies easier to use while improving cloud services using deep learning technologies.

Tencent’s Angel Project is built on a machine learning platform running on Apache Spark and YARN. Baidu’s Elastic Deep Learning (EDL) framework aims to enhance cloud services with deep learning tools to build clustered cloud offerings.

It comes after many of the world’s biggest technology companies have joined the Linux Foundation following the creation of their subsidiary Deep Learning Foundation last March to support open source innovation in AI, ML and deep learning.

“Angel shares a common goal with the LF Deep Learning Foundation,” said Xiaolong Zhu, senior AI researcher at Tencent, “to make deep learning easier to use. By becoming a part of the LF Deep Learning Foundation, we believe Angel will be more active in the open source community, accumulate more use cases, expand usage scenarios and actively cooperate with other partners. Angel will continue working on a consistent and continuous user experience to make deep learning technology easier to apply and develop.”

Zhu added that since Angel Project uses “out-of-the-box” machine learning algorithms, this will eliminate the need for analysts and data scientists to write code.

Baidu, which is also based in China, is the 8th largest Internet company in the world, with annual earnings of $10 billion.

“We are excited to see that EDL has been accepted to LF Deep Learning Foundation,” said Yanjun Ma, Head of Deep Learning Technology Department at Baidu. “As an elastic deep learning framework for PaddlePaddle, we believe that EDL will substantially benefit the deployment of large-scale deep learning services, and the broader deep learning open source community.”


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