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Coffee @ SHACK15 Ep.4: AI According to Azeem Azhar

SHACK15 News caught up with veteran techie Azeem Azhar. A former Economist journalist, Azhar has spent over twenty years in the technology sector, and he is the mind behind must-read newsletter The Exponential View, a weekly digest about everything that matters in tech.

It is not unusual for Azhar  to devote a substantial chunk of his newsletter to Artificial Intelligence, and to the emerging opportunities and challenges linked to the irresistible rise of AI. That’s what we talked about during our chat.

We touched on why Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are at loggerheads over AI’s dangers, on China’s enormous advantage in data-gathering and what it entails, and on how AIs could or could not be the new nukes.

We also talked about British AI companies, and how they might fare in a post-Brexit UK.

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Picture via Azeem Azhar


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