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Coffee @ SHACK15: Jorn Lyseggen talks about ‘Outside Insight’

Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen thinks that most companies are getting data wrong: when they make decisions, they look inward —turning to sales figures, financials, internal reports—while the key bits of information are actually out there.

In his newly-published book Outside Insight, Lyseggen lays out a manifesto for a new corporate decision-making, based on the analysis of external data—going from competitors’ job ads, to patent filings and court documents, to customers’ sentiment on social networks.


Admittedly, Lyseggen explains,  making sense of the glut of information flooding the web is no easy task. That is why companies will need to marshal novel technologies such as machine learning and AI in order to transform unstructured data into actionable intelligence, able to provide key business insights.

We sat down with Lyseggen for a chat about what the thesis underpinning his book means for the future of management— and maybe for the future of policy-making.


Full disclosure: SHACK15 News is backed by Meltwater


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