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DeepMind is Opening a US Office

London-born Artificial Intelligence firm DeepMind is opening up a heavily-staffed division in the US to intensify cooperation with parent company Alphabet.

According to Business Insider, the AI powerhouse— bought by erstwhile Google in 2014— is looking to hire two dozens of people to work at Alphabet’s headquarters. Bloomberg reports suggest DeepMind US chapter will be given its own office on the tech giant’s campus in Mountain View.

The move comes after several DeepMind top researchers have underlined how the AI lab should move closer to “mothership” —aka Alphabet—in order to amplify its impact.

“We’re proud to already have close partnerships with many teams at Google, but we’re yet to develop an algorithm that gets rid of time zone differences,” Business Insider quotes a DeepMind spokesperson.

“So we’re hiring a small DeepMind Applied team in Mountain View to bridge the gap between Google and our team in London, helping us collaborate even more closely to bring our research breakthroughs to Google users around the world.”

The company’s London King’s Cross headquarters are currently staffed by about 400 people, possible slated to increase to 1,000 over the next few years.

The company, founded by former chess prodigy and computer scientist Demis Hassabis, is mainly known for creating the programme that defeated world champion Lee Sedol at board game Go in a March 2016 match.

Since then, DeepMind has started focusing its efforts on applying AI to healthcare and energetic efficiency.

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