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Elon Musk unveils high-speed LA transport tunnel prototype

Tesla founder Elon Musk has unveiled a prototype underground tunnel in Los Angeles which is designed to transport cars at high speed around the city.

The tunnel, which has been built by his passion project firm, The Boring Company, is only a mile (1.6km) long at the moment but it has been designed to eventually be part of an underground network to ease chronic traffic congestion.

Earlier today, The Boring Company released footage of a Tesla being lowered into the tunnel and fixed on rails, speeding through the neon-lit passage and being lifted up by an elevator on the other side.

Musk gave a speech at the tunnel opening yesterday, saying the fastest the company had been able to transport a car through the tunnel so far was 110 mph.

“The profound breakthrough is very simple: it’s the ability to turn a normal car into a passively stable vehicle by adding the deployable tracking wheels, stabilising wheels so that it can travel at high speed through a small tunnel,” Musk said.

“The way the loop will work is you will have main arteries that are travelling at 150mph and when you want to go to an exit, you will have an off-ramp,” he added.

“So you can travel the vast majority of your journey without stopping at 150mph and only slow down when you get to your exit, and then automatically transfer from one tunnel to another. It’s like a 3D highway system underground basically.”


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