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Former Visa managing director Kevin Jenkins joins London blockchain startup Nuggets

Kevin Jenkins, former managing director of Visa has joined the board of London-based blockchain payments and identity brand Nuggets.

Nuggets’ reputation increased globally last month, when they signed up a partnership with QFPay, the Chinese payment provider used by tech giants Alipay and WeChat.

In China, QFPay managed more than 500 million mobile payment transactions. Under the new agreement, Asian customers using QFPay will also be able to use Nuggets’ blockchain-based payments and identity features.

The current model of businesses holding personal information is broken, it needs fundamental change.

The company, which uses Ethereum to underpin its e-commerce payments and ID platform, is set to benefit greatly from Jenkins’ years of experience.

“Kevin is a true payments pioneer”, said Alastair Johnson, founder and CEO of Nuggets.  “We’re thrilled that, after so long working on customer payment journeys at Visa, Kevin will be helping us bring even more fundamental and exciting change to the way people manage payments and ID.”

Jenkins was also responsible for the TFL adoption of contactless payments in London, which led to more than a billion contactless journeys to date.

“The current model of businesses holding personal information is broken,” says Jenkins, “It needs fundamental change.

“For decades, the payments industry has been trying to achieve a balance between security and convenience. What impresses me so much about Nuggets is that it manages to optimise both.

“I’m convinced that every stakeholder in the payments ecosystem, from customers to retailers, will embrace Nuggets. I’m incredibly excited to be part of a genuine revolution.”

The Nuggets Alpha app for iOS and Android is now live and you can request a link to it here.


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