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GammaLab wins AI Dialog System Technology Challenge

GammaLab NYC has won the seventh Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC7 or “the Challenge”), one of the world’s leading dialogue system challenges.

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Started by scientists from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Honda Research Institute, the Challenge aims at spotting the best computer systems intended to converse with a human with a coherent structure.

This year the competition assessed AI according to three different performance categories: appropriateness, informativeness and utility.

GammaLab achieved the highest human rating score on appropriateness and the second-highest human rating score on informativeness with its OneConn-MemNN System for Knowledge-Grounded Conversation Modelling.

Dialogue systems such as chat bots usually struggle in combining the dialogue content with the exact context, often generating unclear and irrelevant sentences.

The “OneConn-MemNN System” avoid this problem by integrating a large number of external knowledge and human corpora and by building end-to-end neural approaches for conversational response generation based on deep learning.

The company said the software “can generate smooth, coherent, interesting, and informative responses […] while using a mechanism to process key information in the conversation to generate different responses.”

The technology could be used in various kinds of business such as a smart customer service system to improve user experience. It could also help transform structural data in fields such as insurance, banking, investment, and medical care, into human sounding narratives with different writing styles to greatly reduce manual reporting efforts and improve decision making.

GammaLab NYC will officially present the OneConn-MemNN System in the DSTC7 workshop of the 2019 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference (AAAI-19), one of the top AI conferences in the world in January 2019.


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