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Glassbeam reveals new AI capabilities for its Rules and Alerts Engine

Data Analytics platform Glassbeam released today a machine learning update of its Rules & Alerts engine designed to create and maintain rule-based notifications.

These new artificial intelligence-powered capabilities will allow users to trigger alerts based on anomalous values on various types of sensor and log data.

Glassbeam said that combining this with several other features of their platform, users inside a large enterprise environment will be able to can create, test, and launch new business rules on incoming machine data coming from thousands of connected assets.

Among the potential applications for this technology is the healthcare market. According to recent data from by Harbor Research, technical support and field operations for large OEMs, ISOs and healthcare networks will reach $11.6 Billion by 2022.

With their new platform’s upgrade, the Glassbeam’s Clinsights application suite will be used in the healthcare provider market to define domain-specific rules and triggers for MRI and CT Scanners. 

“The enhanced Rules and Alerts functionalities in Glassbeam IIoT platform establish a gold standard for organizations trying to become more proactive and predictive with their machine data,” said Pramod Sridharamurthy, Glassbeam’s Vice President of Products.

“For healthcare market, this new enhancement facilitates tighter integration with Glassbeam’s AI/ML platform to deliver higher machine uptime and better patient care, which I am sure the entire clinical engineering community is going to love it.”

Among the new features of the Glassbeam Rules and Alerts Engine platforms are the Improved Rules Creation UI, designed to provide a versatile interface to create rules and define rule ownership hierarchy, Work and Test Rules in Private Mode and many more. To read the full list you can check the company’s press release here.

“Glassbeam is shaping the future of how medical machines are supported with higher machine uptime and tighter SLAs,” said Andrew Kenney, Division Manager, Brown’s Medical Imaging (BMI).

“The new Rules and Alerts engine is putting machine data to work to accomplish intelligent actions to better contain undiscovered incidents waiting to happen, improve outcomes of customer ticketing resolutions, and proactively mitigate risks to our customer’s infrastructure”.

Image via Brother UK on Flickr.


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