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Gluru Wants to Make Your Life Simpler

Gluru is on a quest to make your life easier.

The London-based company is building an AI-fuelled platform that analyses the overwhelming flow of email, messages and calendar events we all grapple with—and breaks them into discrete, manageable tasks.

Founded two years ago by Tim Porter—erstwhile an employee of Google, Apple and Shazam— the app is already available in beta for iOS, Android and desktop.

The system plugs into the user’s Gmail and Google Calendar —support for Outlooks and other data accounts is in the pipeline— and uses natural language processing, deep learning and ontology to identify  commitments and chores.

It then reorganises them into daily morning digests, where tasks are listed together with relevant actions to address them.

“To put it bluntly, we crunch what has been sent to you and we change it into something you can use immediately,” Porter tells Shack15.


Gluru plugs into the user’s Gmail and Google Calendar, identifies relevant commitments and chores, and reorganises them into digests, where tasks are listed besides relevant actions to address them. (Image via Gluru)

Gluru’s neural networks work out which tasks have higher priority, and looks at users’ actions to tweak prioritisation criteria over time.

Most repetitive tasks, Porter says, can even be  carried out by Gluru automatically.

“Imagine you receive an invoice regularly from a customer— and that happens over and over again. Gluru could learn to automatically forward the mail to the guy who deals with payments in your company,” he explains. Ideally, the long-term plan is having the app dealing autonomously with anything you do not need to do personally.

Porter adds that, although it debuted as a task manager for people, Gluru is not necessarily geared towards flesh-and-blood users only.

“Automated services and devices could structure their daily schedule using Gluru,” he says. “We have created a platform  that is very easy to connect to, also for non-human entities. This platform could become a ‘bot for bots’.”

The 16-employee company has just bagged a $2 million Seed round from Sussex Place Ventures, SaatchInvest, Gecad, and Playfair Capital in November— reaching an overall funding of $3.5 million so far.

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