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World’s Go Champion to Take on AIs in China Tournament


Go champion Ke Jie pledged not to play against an AI again after losing to DeepMind AlphaGo

Ke Jie, the Go champion who pledged never to challenge an Artificial Intelligence again after being trounced by DeepMind’s AlphaGo, is going to play against a machine once more.

World’s No. 1 Ke is reportedly going to pit its talent against a number of Go-playing AIs in a series of man-vs-computer encounters to be held in China in April 2018, as part of the World AI Go Tournament.

According to the BBC— citing Chinese media reports—Shenzhen-based internet giant Tencent, Japanese software DeepZenGo, and Taiwan’s CGI are among the organisations that will field an AI in the competition.

China-born 19-year-old Ke had vowed never to take on an AI adversary again, following a resounding defeat at the hand of  AlphaGo— the programme designed by Alphabet-owned AI lab DeepMind—  in a series of three matches between March and May 2017. After beating Ke Jie, DeepMind announced that AlphaGo would not engage in competitive Go playing anymore.

Just about one year before playing against Ke, AlphaGo had grabbed international headlines on triumphing over world-class player Lee Sedol in a five-game match.

Go, an ancient strategy board game, is regarded as much more elaborated than chess, and therefore as more effective a system to test an AI’s level of complexity.


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