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Google Buys UK Startup Turning Displays into Speakers

Google has acquired Redux, a Cambridge-based startup whose technology can transform surfaces such as phone displays into speakers.

Redux’s invention—backed up by 178 patents— could be used to remove small speakers from smartphones, making up space for bigger batteries or other phone parts.

The company had previously raised £3.7 million, in March 2017, from investors including  Arie Capital.

It is not exactly clear when Alphabet-owned Google bought the company— Crunchbase says it happened as early as August 2017—but the transfer of shares was confirmed in mid-December 2017. (Questioned by multiple outlets, Google has repeatedly declined to comment on the price of the deal, or any other detail.)

The purchase was carried out through an Irish Google subsidiary.

Redux’s technology has some obvious use cases for Google, which launched its own brand of smartphones — Google Pixel— in 2016. The UK company’s tech could be used to deliver better sound, or to devise new innovative audio solutions.

Redux’s technology could also be leveraged to generate tactile feedback on a touchscreen,

Redux’s technology could also be used to create tactile feedback, using vibrations to give a sense of reactive touch to users interacting with a screen.

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