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Gopher implements new machine learning methods in its Avant! AI system

Gopher Protocol, a company using the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in networking and tracking technologies announced today that is currently implementing innovative machine learning (ML) to enable advanced classification and problem-solving.

The company said they will deploy the new technology within their Avant! AI system, thus making it able to recognising user’s intent, distinguishing between different data and analysing user’s sentiment.

“We are now implementing new methods and algorithms in order to create a flexible architecture that understands and analyses problems to execute accurate and quick solutions,” explained Danny Rittman, Gopher’s Chief Technology Officer.

Avant! will utilise NLP (Natural Language Processing) or textual media to collect training data and information extracted from searching the internet. Rittman said the new algorithms are self-trained in order to optimise the performance and accuracy of the system.

“Machine learning is a complex discipline so we developed out-of-the-box concepts and methodologies in order to create architecture for vast data acquisition, training, predictions and solutions. Our ML contains advanced numerical computation modules to handle classifications, image recognition, and word segmentations.”

The new algorithms, Rittman added, will work through dataflow structures delivered in graphs, and executing a series of mathematical operations. “The end result is an efficient, accurate data processing and analytics to achieve a real-time response. We target these type of algorithms to be key blocks for smart applications like autonomous machines, robotics, expert agents and more.”  

Gopher Protocol’s goal is to create a low-cost private and secure mesh network between any enabled devices able to provide shared processing, advanced mobile database management and enhanced mobile features as a replacement to traditional carrier services.

The company, which was formerly known as Forex International Trading Corp. changed its name to Gopher Protocol Inc. in February 2015. It was created in 2009 and is based in Santa Monica, California. 

Image via Pixabay.


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