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Gun detection startup Aegis AI raises $2.2m

Chicago-based startup Aegis AI has raised $2.2 million in a venture capital funding round led by Bling Capital with participation from Upside Partnership and Tensility Venture Partners.

The company uses artificial intelligence to identify firearms in security camera video feeds. They said they plan to use the funding to develop their technology further to detect other threats, including bombs and vehicles.

Aegis AI’ software works by connecting to an organisation’s existing security cameras and using computer vision to identify anyone who’s brandishing a firearm automatically.

The company trained their software by scrubbing the web for photos of weapons, then reached out to prominent figures in the personal safety space to assist with developing it further.

Finally, in order to complete the data collection process, they obtained real security footage and even had the team posing holding weapons to improve the AI’s ability in covering blind spots.

Once spotted a weapon, the software will alert an organisation’s security team who will then notify law enforcement.

Aegis AI was started last year by Sonny Tai, who fled violence in South Africa and moved to the US to serve in the US Marine Corps. During his studies at UChicago, Tai met Ben Ziomek and together they founded Aegis AI.

The startup showcased their first real-world applications last year with two pilot customers—a private school in Chicago and a school district in Seattle.

Talking to Chicago Inno last year, Aegis said that they hoped to sell their technology to more schools and property management customers, eventually reaching larger venues such as airports and the Olympics.

“We’re thrilled to work with our investors to deploy our gun threat detection technology in new markets,” Tai said in a statement.

“At Aegis, we have a passion for making any public space safer, and our technology gives security and law enforcement real-time, action information, allowing them to respond effectively to gun violence.”

Image via Pixabay and Wikipedia.


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