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Huawei launches AI “operating system” for cities

Huawei has unveiled on Tuesday a digital platform for smart cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona.

The platform works through new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), big data and cloud.

It connects what it calls the ‘brain’, or command centre; the ‘central nervous system’, or network; and the ‘peripheral nervous system’, made up of sensors across a city.

“Just like an operating system, the platform is compatible with different city sensors, creates a city digital twin, and supports diverse city applications,” Huawei Enterprise Business Group VP Ma Yue said.

Huawei and its global partners demonstrated how the new platform could provide solutions related to municipal management, public safety and environmental protection, but also smart transportation, smart government, smart education, and smart agriculture.

“Huawei has also developed a middleware platform to provide services to software application partners. This is designed to help application partners quickly develop upper-layer applications to accelerate transformation and innovation in city management, city services, and industry development,” the company added.

Presenting at the conference, Huawei stretched how its smart city solution has already helped cities in more than 40 countries. For example, in Duisburg, Germany and Sardinia, Italy, the solution facilitates the development of start-up companies, improving the cities’ investment environment as well as the lives of citizens.

“This constructs a ‘+AI Digital Platform’ that is open and fuels the digital transformation of cities of the future”, Huawei said.

“In the future, Huawei’s +AI Digital Platform will form the smart foundation of more and more cities, promoting sustainable city development worldwide. We look forward to setting smart city benchmarks with customers and partners.”


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