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Intel is Making a Bunch of AI Tools Available to Researchers and Founders

Intel has gifted Artificial Intelligence researchers with a new set of free tools.

During an AI Conference in San Francisco, the chipmaking giant announced the new Nervana DevCloud, a cloud platform where developers, researchers and startups will be able to experiment with hardware and software tools for their AI projects. The platform’s compute power will be provided by Intel’s Xeon processors.

Access to Nervana DevCloud will be free for members of Intel’s Nervana AI Academy— an online platform offering free courses, tools and mentoring for members interested in learning about AI and machine learning.

VentureBeat highlighted how Intel is following in the footsteps of tech giant Alphabet— which launched the cloud-based TensorFlow Research Cloud just months ago.

Alphabet’s initiative allowed 1,000 authorised researchers to access Alphabet’s AI-specialised chips through the cloud.

Intel is trying to scale up its AI game, and it has been tweaking its chips to carry out a wide array of novel machine learning tasks.

In addition, the chip colossus has gone on a buying spree in the sector, acquiring several AI companies over the last two years—including Nervana itself  in August 2016.

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