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Lixar wins Microsoft’s AI Innovation Award

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data company Lixar has won the Microsoft AI Innovation Award for using the power of machine learning and AI “to derive insights to help their customers optimise operations, drive innovation, and deliver real value.”

The announcement was made on Sunday at the Microsoft Inspire event in Las Vegas, the largest gathering for the tech giant’s partners. With the announcement, Lixar has become one of Microsoft’s official technology partners.

“At Lixar, we believe there’s a path to AI — we call it the ‘Hero Path’. By combining Microsoft technology and Lixar’s AI and Data expertise, we are helping our customers transform”, said George Logaras from Lixar’s Strategic Partnerships.

The Canada-based company’s work focuses on helping clients discover how AI and Data can be used to provide actionable, data-driven outcomes. Their advisors work alongside organisations to show how these technologies could be used, for example, to predict trends and automate tasks.

“AI and Data are providing insights, efficiencies and optimisation in ways never before possible. This is real impact”, Logaras added.

Microsoft has awarded the company based on their work for clients like the Treasury Board Secretariat and Transport Canada, as well as clients in manufacturing and oil & gas.

Lixar was founded by Bill Syrros & Emmanuel Florakas in 1999. According to their website, Lixar was created to “build technology that made a difference”.

“It has been a journey from web development and back-end system integration in the early days, to mobile and application development for enterprise, IoT and Cloud, and, AI and Data today”, their website reads.

“For me, there is no better experience than to provide the right guidance and tools that help our clients succeed in an accelerated way,” Logaras concluded.

You can find out more about the Microsoft Inspire event here and about Lixar here.

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