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London-based BenevolentAI Launches US Office Following Google Hire


BenevolentAI is using machine learning to discover new drugs, and in general to reinvent the scientific method in an AI-driven fashion (via

London-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company BenevolentAI has announced the expansion of its business to the United States, after snapping up two major AI experts from the tech sector and academia.

Founded in 2013 and based near King’s Cross, the company is using AI to drive scientific progress forward. BenevolentAI’s machine learning algorithms have been trained to scour millions of research publications, and come up with novel scientific hypotheses.

The British company, which has so far focused its efforts on drug discovery and biotechnology, is now about to open an office in New York, where it plans to put together a team of specialists and AI experts.

Among the first people to join the American unit are new hires Keith Hall— a  natural language researcher with over 19 years of experience at Google— and Daniel Neil, a machine learning maven from Zurich’s Institute of Neuroinformatics.

BenevolentAI Founder and Chairman Ken Mulvany commented on the expansion.

“The opening of a New York office demonstrates our commitment to expanding as a global company and underlines the importance of having a footprint in the US with the access to talent, innovation, and commercial opportunities that being connected to one of the world’s centres of technology provides,” he said in a statement.

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